How It Works

Here’s how Heat Seek NYC is working to keep the heat on for New York City tenants and landlords this winter:


Concerned tenants can have a small Heat Seek NYC temperature sensor installed in a discreet location in their apartment at no cost.

Each sensor talks to other sensors in the same building and a central hub to wirelessly transmit temperature readings. Tenants do not need an internet connection to use a Heat Seek sensor.


Heat Seek NYC compares sensor data against outdoor temperatures and the minimum temperature requirements according to the NYC heating code in order to identify violations 24/7.

Tenants and advocates can review their temperature data by logging into Heat Seek NYC’s powerful web app.


Heat Seek NYC reveals heating code violations as they occur.

We track patterns of abuse, and we also work with responsible landlords to diagnose problems with their buildings’ heating systems.


Heat Seek NYC’s temperature data provides the objective evidence needed in housing court.

By making Heat Seek NYC a common presence in apartments across NYC, we aim to deter heating code violations altogether.