Heat Seek Blog

  1. First User

    We’ve officially got a sensor in our first apartment! We won’t post the user’s name due to confidential, but he lives in the south Bronx. He has struggled with inadequate heat in his home for some time, and we were lucky to connect with him through Tristan’s mom to install a sensor in his apartment. He doesn’t have internet access, so we set it up with 3G using a Clearbox. We think many of our future tenants will lack reliable wifi, so it was important to us that the sensors be designed to work regardless of whether tenants have an internet connection. Using 3G is a bit more costly, since we have to pay for a data plan, but it means that tenants should be able to use the sensors without fear that they’ll miss readings if their internet goes out. Thanks to the Flatiron School for paying for our hardware!

    - FEB 05, 2014 -

  2. It Works!

    We’ve got the web app working locally in development mode! It’s amazing how quickly you can get something done when you’ve got a fantastic team.

    Now we just need to figure out how to deploy the thing to production so William can turn off his laptop without bringing the whole site down.

    - FEB 04, 2014 -