Heat Seek Blog

  1. Custom Authorization

    We decided to hand-roll our own authorization system instead of going with an off-the-shelf library like CanCan. Thanks to Avi Flombaum, dean of the Flatiron School, for the advice! We’ve also updated the architecture of the application to create database relationships between tenants and their advocates, like lawyers and tenant union organizers.

    - MAR 29, 2014 -

  2. Devise Authentication

    Tristan somehow managed to set up our authentication system, which is now actually really robust. We’re really concerned about protecting user privacy so this was a big accomplishment for us. We’re using Devise, which is an open source library from Plataformatec. It’s pretty complicated but once Tristan got it up it was great.

    - MAR 28, 2014 -

  3. Vernaline’s Building

    We finally got into the building in Crown Heights that the Urban Justice Center has been representing in housing court, and we were able to meet some of the tenants who live there. It’s incredible what they’ve had to put up with. After reading the New York Times article about them, we were really eager to help.


    - MAR 20, 2014 -

  4. SuperMechanical API is SuperLame

    We are trying to move away from using Capybara to scrape the SuperMechanical site so we don’t have to figure out multipacks on Heroku. You’d think an API for a heat sensor would let you ask it for the temperature, but for some reason they haven’t gotten around to that feature. I even contacted them and they said they are not implementing that functionality any time soon. Without a workable API, it looks like we’re back to figuring out multipacks.

    - MAR 19, 2014 -