Heat Seek Blog

  1. Continuous Deployment

    Now that we’ve got deployment mastered, we thought it would be good to set up continuous deployment. William connected our repo to CodeShip and now any time we push to master it redeploys so long as our test suite passes. It’s been great.

    - APR 10, 2014 -

  2. Deployment!

    We finally deployed! We gave up on figuring out multipacks and deployed to Digital Ocean instead of Heroku. It took a whole day and lots of advice. But now there are no more missing readings due to William’s computer being down. Major progress.

    - APR 09, 2014 -

  3. Presentation went well!

    Our presentation went really well! It got such a good reception in fact that the dean of the school told us to apply to present it at New York Tech Meetup. It’s the largest meetup in the world and has a huge audience, so I’m sure we won’t get in, but we might be able to get into some smaller meetups. We’re also going to apply to present at BetaNYC. Wish us luck!

    - APR 03, 2014 -

  4. Bootstrap Makeover

    Tristan’s been pounding away at the UI. He taught himself Bootstrap and has been getting help from Jon Grover, the front-end instructor at the Flatiron School. The app is starting to look pretty nice actually, and he’s got some fancy AJAX and client side javascript to make things sleek.

    - APR 01, 2014 -