Heat Seek Blog

  1. Going to NYCBigApps

    The dean of the Flatiron School asked us to enter the NYCBigApps competition. They think we actually have a pretty good shot at winning, which would be amazing. The prize money would be enough to buy a lot of sensors for people who need them. We should really look at getting the cost down so we can have a bigger impact.

    - MAY 09, 2014 -

  2. Huge win at NYTM

    Everyone loved us at New York Tech Meetup - there are people coming out of the woodwork asking to help out with the project. We got so many business cards we don’t even know what to do with them. It’s crazy how this went from a school project to a serious piece of open source software almost by accident. The fact that the community is so excited about it really speaks to the need for more innovators out there designing tech solutions for community problems. Hacktivism, digital advocacy, whatever you want to call it - we’re really excited to be a part of it and using our tech skills to improve lives.

    - MAY 08, 2014 -

  3. New York Tech Meetup

    We’ve been selected to present at the largest meetup in the world! Crazy. We only had one day’s notice so we’ve got to really cram for this presentation. Looks like we’ll be spending the entire day going over the demo; it’s crazy to think that thousands of people will be seeing this.

    - MAY 05, 2014 -

  4. BetaNYC

    We got approved to present at BetaNYC! They want us to do a 5 minute lightning talk, so we’ll have to cut out about two thirds of the presentation, but it’s still super exciting. BetaNYC is a perfect place to present because its specifically focused on technology, civic engagement, and community service. You can read more about their other awesome projects here.

    - APR 30, 2014 -