Heat Seek Blog

  1. Mockups

    Andrea came up with some killer mockups for the new user interface! We can’t wait to start implementing them. She’s been working with Tristan on coming up with a better UX for the app and they’re making great progress.

    - MAY 18, 2014 -

  2. BigApps BigBuild

    We went to a BigBuild event today for the NYCBigApps competition. We met a data scientist there named Ding Li who helped us get a draft of a coldmap we can use to show 311 heating complaint data using Tableau. We’re going to build a more robust version in Leaflet and integrate our own data showing where violations are actually occurring across New York City. It’s going to be really cool to see a visual representation of the 311 data, and hopefully it will allow us to do some targeted outreach to community organizations working in neighborhoods with the highest volume of complaints.

    - MAY 17, 2014 -

  3. Design Lead

    The BigApps competition is giving us some much needed structure. They’re encouraging us to bring on people with more diverse skill sets to strengthen the team, and because of that we just picked up a designer. Her name is Andrea Acevedo, she was at one of the BigApps events looking for a team to join. She’s an amazing graphic designer and we’re excited to have her on board! Our web app is about to get way more attractive.

    - MAY 14, 2014 -

  4. Hardware Team

    We recruited Daniel Kronovet and Harold Cooper to help us get the hardware cost down. If we can build our own hardware rather than using twines, we can cut the price per sensor down to about $20 - $40, rather than $125. Since we know we want to be able to offer the sensors free of charge, getting the cost down is going to be really important moving forward.

    Daniel graduated with us from the Flatiron School and did a pretty cool hardware project that involved devising a system to detect when we needed to make more coffee in the communal coffee maker. He’s really excited about the project and we’re happy to have him helping out.

    Harold is a friend of a friend who works at a hardware startup called Ringly, building software that talks to smart jewelry. He’s been in tech longer than everyone else on the team combined, so we’re super lucky to have him. Both Daniel and Harold have skills we desperately need, and we’re very excited that they’ll be working with us.

    - MAY 11, 2014 -