Heat Seek Blog

  1. Front-End

    We got a front-end developer named Ethan Ozelius to help with the mockups. He’s out of the country at the moment but once he gets back we should be able to get going. In the mean time, Andrea’s husband is stepping in to help code the mockups.

    - MAY 30, 2014 -

  2. Cold Map

    Tristan has rebuilt the coldmap of 311 heating complaint data in Leaflet and it looks great. We have it up on the site. We’re already planning out our next iteration, which will integrate our own data and become more interactive.

    - MAY 27, 2014 -

  3. Meeting with Andrew Raseij

    We met with Andrew Raseij, the chairman of the New York Tech Meetup and founder of Personal Democracy Media, at a coffee shop on 12th and Broadway. It seems so crazy that big players like him would have even heard of us, let alone ask us to meet them for coffee. We were really excited and brought most of the team. He said something we’ve been hearing from a lot of people, that what we’re doing is true civic hacking, not just another app to further clutter the internet, but something that really brings technology to problems of governance. He offered to help us network and fundraise, and even comped us all tickets to the Personal Democracy Forum with Edward Snowden (via satellite of course) and a bunch of other amazing speakers.

    - MAY 27, 2014 -

  4. Business Development Lead

    We got someone to handle all the business development and financing stuff for us. Jarryd is a former investment banker and currently an MBA student at Wharton. He’ll be helping with everything from outreach to web copy to hopefully teaching himself some basic coding, too. It’ll be really helpful to have someone on the team who can approach the roll out from a business perspective, rather than a tech perspective, so we’re really lucky to have him!

    - MAY 19, 2014 -